Oriental Cuisine

Crispy Pork Gyoza
Crispy, Crunchy and (s)Crumptious! are everything that makes for a great heavenly food experience. Want to know how to get all of this in one dish?…read more
Sticky pork Bao
Wouldn’t you want to enjoy hot, steamy baos that are soft as pillows from the comfort of your homes during these unprecedented times?…read more
Hand-Pulled Noodles with spicy soy-sauce and ginger, garlic oil!
These stringy and slurpy noodles paired with soy-sauce and ginger-garlic oil also known as Lamian…read more
Chicken Katsu
Chicken Katsu is one of the most heavenly things that I have tasted lately. It has the right crispiness, crunch and juiciness to it…read more