Ethnic Cuisine

After I started investing more and more time on my blog, I realized that there was so much about food that is not yet known to people around the world.  I also realised that even though the indigenous people of the Northeastern part of India have cuisines which differ from the rest of India, there isn’t much record of their food habits and recipes. We have always liked to try out various dishes and one day we thought of making parippu vada (a savoury snack of Kerala)and searched for its recipe on the Net. There were tens of recipes and videos of the dish from which I could easily make the dish. I realised, however, that the recipes of most of the signature dishes of the people of this region were not available. For some time  I toyed with the idea of exploring and documenting the recipes of some of the indigenous people of this region of India and what better place to start than the dishes prepared by my mother –  Bodo dishes! The Bodo tribe is an ethnic tribal community in the northeastern Indian state of Assam. Since my mother belongs to the Bodo community, writing about these traditional dishes had an added attraction to me. I hope I will be able to do some justice to this task. So wish me luck on this journey of exploring the ethnic dishes of the Bodo Tribe of Assam, India.

Pumpkin and Smoked Pork
A delicacy among the Bodo tribe of Assam, this pumpkin and smoked pork dish (Oma Bedort jwng Jwgwnnath jwng) features the best ingredients that are needed to bring a smile to everyone’s face. From the time I was introduced to this pork dish by my mother, I’ve always had a special place for it in my heart (and stomach)…read more