Exploring Food

With people getting more and more busy with their late working hours and hectic days, they often tend to depend more on food that they can easily order from restaurants or food joints. The concept of eating out in restaurants and street food corners is gaining more popularity these days then ever before. Different restaurants offer various cuisines from Italian, Middle-eastern to South-Asian cuisine. It is also seen that restaurants pay a lot of attention to details like the plating of the dish, the colours and textures of the ingredients used in the particular dish and also the accompaniments that go with the main dish. On the other hand, street food joints have a bit more informal way of serving the food that they have to offer. While the experience of restaurants and street food corners cannot be compared, both provide interesting experiences that can be treasured. So, in this part of my blog, I would like to share with my readers, my journey with food in restaurants as well as small eateries and food joints where I have had a lot of fun eating and tasting the variants of food served.