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Journeys into the World of Food

There is a certain kind of happiness we get when we eat delicious and scrumptious dishes that no other thing in the world can bring you. The feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment that we get from these dishes can never be expressed in words. For some people it is like buying their favourite piece of clothing from a favourite brand and for some it is like buying a porsche or a bugatti. Eating yummy food is like having a vacation in your stomach by the side of the beach.

There are thousands of cuisines from various parts of the world with distinct ingredients and tastes. A lot of these cuisines have their roots in the culture and traditions of the places that they originate in. When we travel to different places we often find it very difficult to make up our minds about what cuisine to try and what to eat. Every city, big or small, has a number of restaurants that cater to different cuisines which makes it tough for people to decide on what to try when eating out.

In this blog, I would like to share with my readers, my journeys and experiences with different types of food and also help them by giving my reviews on the various dishes and cuisines that I meet during my journeys. I will also share with my readers well-researched articles on a  variety of cuisines and dishes as well as on the art and science of healthy eating and living.