What’s the difference between Real and Compound Chocolate?

01/5 Real vs compound chocolate

Silky & smooth, chocolate is one of the best ingredients one can use for making a variety of delectable desserts. Considered an aphrodisiac, chocolate is one of the widely used ingredients that’s enjoyed as a luxury and a treat by people the world over. But, how many of you know that which chocolate is used for making sweet treats, is it real chocolate or compound chocolate? Well, if you also want to know the real difference between the two, here’s all you need to know. (images courtesy: iStock)

02/5 Composition

The main difference between the two is the composition as real chocolate is made of cocoa mass and butter, while compound chocolate is made of cocoa powder and vegetable fat. According to FAO, for a product to be categorized as real chocolate, it has to contain a minimum of 35 per cent total cocoa solids and 18 per cent cocoa butter.

03/5 Characteristics

The second big difference between the two is characteristic, which is determined by the fat content of the chocolate. While real chocolate doesn’t melt easily at room temperature but melts in the mouth. However, the compound chocolate’s melting behaviour is determined by the amount of fat present in it. Manufacturers often change the type and composition of the compound chocolate to make it easier to stand in stores.

04/5 Handling

It is the third main thing that separates the compound and real chocolate. Real chocolate goes through a tempering process which helps it in attaining a better shelf life and a shiny appearance. It is the process through which stable crystals turn into cocoa butter. On the other hand, compound chocolate does not go through any such process.

05/5 The taste

Real chocolate tastes smooth and velvety with an enhanced aroma and nuanced flavours. Compound chocolate, on the other hand, does not have a taste of its own and tends to be sweeter than real chocolate and has less aroma and flavour.

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