What is Quinoa and the Easiest Way to Prepare it at Home!

(16 November 2019)

A healthy body and sane mind is all we need to survive the fast paced life and urban challenges. However, in the wake of achieving that desired shape, we often go for instant fixes but we often forget the easiest way to stay healthy. No matter how many quick fixes you try for staying in shape, nothing works until you adapt a healthy diet. In fact, exercising in the gym will not help till the time you don’t tweak your eating habits and go for a healthy food.

Interestingly, with the growing awareness among people about health and fitness, the demand for healthy foods have surged and this has also increased the availability of healthy foods from all parts of the world.

One such food that has turned out to be a fad among fitness enthusiasts is quinoa. Read on to know more about this amazing cereal.

What is quinoa?
Enriched with the goodness of nature, quinoa is basically the seeds of a leafy plant and is relished as a cereal, but what makes it different from other cereals is its high nutritional content. It happens to be the best source of plant-based protein. Apart from that, it is also rich in amino acids.

Here’s how you can cook quinoa
One portion of quinoa requires 3 portion of water to cook, for instance, If you want to cook around 100g of quinoa, you need to add 300 ml water.

To cook quinoa, rinse it with cold water and then drain the excess water. Then take a pan add the quinoa as per instructions mentioned above. Once the quinoa seeds turn fluffy, turn off the flame drain the excess water using a sieve, this will remove all the starch.

To add a punch of taste to your quinoa meal, try preparing it with herbs, vegetable stock or meat stock. You can add aromatic herbs while boiling and indulge in its amazing taste.


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