Truckloads of flavours: Truckin Foodie

Apoorva and Deeksha Marur spent the lockdown experimenting sauces, ingredients and doing cooking trials at home. Their trials were of dishes they don’t easily get in the vicinity of their home. Their trials were to finalise a menu that would give shape to an idea they had come up with their late father Vijay Marur — a food truck. They named it Truckin Foodie’

Apoorva, the elder sister, says, “It was dad’s dream to do something with food and the idea excited us. After we shifted from Banjara Hills to Yapral in Secunderabad, we realised there were not too many choices with food in this part of town. That quickly got us working to experiment with dishes that we wanted to eat.”

Truckloads of flavours: Truckin Foodie

Their father’s demise at that stage put pause to their plans. . Deeksha says, “When we resumed working on it, we realised it brought back happy memories with dad. Without wasting time Apoorva and I got into finalising a truck and found a person who would custom-make it for us . While we knew what food we wanted, we are not chefs so we planned to rope in professional hands to ensure consistency in what we would be putting up for food lovers.”

While they were ready to roll out by March, they took some time to finalise a team of chefs who would offer nothing less than gourmet food from a food truck. “The lockdown gave us time to look for the right hands and we found more than what we could have asked for. Our chefs come with five-star kitchen experience and expertise, so when they came on board, they made everything even better for us.

When things started coming back to normal and people were ready to step out to eat, Truckin Foodie rolled out of their home’ parking lot into the street just outside their colony. Apoorva says they are both thankful and surprised at how their colony people came forward to help them with an electricity connection, parking arrangements etc. “We’d come to the same spot everyday at 12 and stay till 10 pm and within a month we knew our customers by name. It is especially nice to see children come out with their cycles and pool in their pocket money to buy a box of mini dougnuts or the pizza bombs,” laughs Apoorva.

Truckloads of flavours: Truckin Foodie

Truckin Foodie bakes its own artisanal breads, makes fresh seasonal berries lemonades and has Kombuchas that are the best in town, according to Kombucha lovers. They also use an array of homemade sauces with local ingredients like gongura, chukka kura infused with green tea leaves; and fruity sauces to go with grilled prawns and mash. The price does justice to the ingredients used and the dishes they serve. Truckin Foodie is all about comfort food that is not Indian.

The food truck operates from 12noon to 10 pm and is parked at Yapral, General’s Road, Mani Enclave

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