The Queen of Fermented Foods

A famous traditional Korean side dish, Kimchi holds a very special place in the heart of every Korean. This delicacy made of fermented cabbage and radish is a mainstay on every dining table in Korea. With several variations existing in the Korean Peninsula, the taste and texture of Kimchi changes according to the season and the region where it is made. A versatile dish, Kimchi, has all the right to be called the ‘Queen of Fermented Foods’. 

In Ancient Korea, as a way of preserving food during the long cold winter, people would ferment fresh and nutritious vegetables, mostly radish, in salted brine; and for years now, this quintessential side dish has undergone numerous transformations. Early Kimchis had no red chilli peppers in them and cabbage was not used so often. They were mainly pieces of radish that were soaked in salted brine. As the years went by Koreans have been adding different combinations of spices and flavours to kimchi making it more versatile and harmonious. A mixture of red chili paste or ‘gochujang’, garlic, ginger, and salted fish sauce are now added to kimchi to make it more flavoursome unlike the earlier kimchi that was mostly bland in taste. More vegetables like the Chinese cabbage, large radishes, cucumbers, mustard leaf and even pine mushrooms started being used to prepare this side dish. Soya sauce, introduced by the Japanese, also started being used by the Koreans as a way to preserve their food and also to ferment kimchi. 

While dining at any Korean restaurant, the main dish is always accompanied by a number of pickles and salads, and kimchi is one of them. Also used sometimes as flavouring in the cooking process, kimchi is added to fried rice, savoury pancakes, kimbap (seaweed roll), dumplings and soups to give the dishes more depth in flavour. Because of the spicy, tangy, sweet and savoury notes of kimchi, it can be eaten as an accompaniment with almost any main dish. In a place like Korea, where everyone is a fan of noodles, or as Koreans call it ‘ramyeon’, there are several ways in which the noodles are served to make it more pleasing to the eye as well as make it more delicious. Kimchi is one of the toppings that is used worldwide by the noodle fans. This globally known food has become so famous and well known that countries all over the world are creating their own spin offs like kimchi pasta, kimchi pizza, kimchi ice-cream and even burgers with kimchi as a type of filling. 

Kimchi Pizza

So take yourself off to the nearest Korean restaurant and indulge in this mouthwatering traditional delicacy or choose one of the best recipes of kimchi available over the internet and enjoy to your heart’s content.

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