The Parking Lot Food Stall

In the hustle and bustle of the market streets of Dhaligaon, a township in Bongaigaon in the state of Assam, India, we see steam rising up from a tiny food stall at the corner of the market parking lot. People from all around the township crowd around the food stall and wait patiently to order their plates of juicy momos.

Momos are found in every food street corner in India. With its roots in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and China, momos have found their home in several streets all over India. Different parts of the world have different names for this humble street food. People in China know it as wontons, the polish call it pierogi, while in Japan, momos are known as gyoza.

The stall is run by a few boys from the nearby village who were assumedly trying their hand at food entrepreneurship. They were very friendly and obliged delightedly when I asked them to permit me to take a few photographs for my blog. I wish them well in their venture – they definitely made my mouth water and I wish them luck as they continue to tickle the taste buds of many more who visit this small town market.

The boys running the stall offer not only these mouthwatering goodness, but also serve delicious plates of succulent smoked pork and chicken. Once you go near the stall, you can see pieces of pork and chicken in skewers being roasted over a small pit of charcoal fire. The aroma of the pork being roasted mixes with the aroma of the hot charcoal inviting the passersby to try out these delicacies.

A plate of mouthwatering momos

The ideal time for street-food lovers to savour the appetizing treats served in this food stall is around 6:30 or 7:00 in the evening when the rush hour of the market area just spikes. When I made my first visit to the market place, I and my parents had this sudden urge to eat momos. So, when we started searching for a place to get a few momos, we saw this food stall in the far off corner of the parking area. There were some people standing in line and there were some who were sitting around on benches and helping themselves to some mouthwatering momos and barbequed pork and chicken.

When we reached the stall, we ordered three plates of momos – there was an option of choosing between chicken or pork fillings. Since my parents and I are budding health freaks, we ordered the chicken momos. The momos were paired with yummy red chilli chutney and some hot soup made with chicken bone stock, ginger and garlic paste and a few vegetables. The combination of the momos with the red chilli chutney and the soup created a burst of different flavours in the mouth. It was spicy and the hot soup acted as a cleanser to your palate. After this first time I have gone to this place around 4 more times and everytime I went I have never been disappointed by the food they served. This food stall is perfect for momo lovers as well as people who have a craze for barbecued meats.

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