Bird Flu: FSSAI Issues 10-Point Guide To Eat Egg And Chicken The Right Way

Several states including Delhi and Mumbai have confirmed the avian influenza, commonly known as the bird flu. Some also banned the sale of eggs and chicken as a preventive measure, the ban is slowly being lifted now, but since so much confusion still persists around the flu, FSSAI has issued a 10-point guide to eat chicken and eggs the right way. The ‘guidance document’ on the safe handling, processing and consumption of poultry meat and eggs during bird flu scare was released on Thursday on FSSAI’s official website.

The 10-point guide aims to create awareness among FBOs and regular consumers of eggs and poultry. It is okay to consume it if it is cooked properly, WHO has also confirmed that proper cooking inactivates the virus present inside the meat and eggs. The FSSAI also reiterated that poultry meat and eggs from the areas affected with outbreaks in poultry should not be consumed raw or partially cooked. There is no data to confirm that properly cooked chicken and eggs have caused any signs of infection among humans, even if the foods were contaminated with the avian influenza virus. WHO’S official website has also warned against spreading false rumours, there is no risk or valid epidemiological data to prove that disease can be transmitted in humans on consumption of cooked food.


Bird Flu: Proper cooking inactivates the virus in poultry says FSSAI

Here are the 10 precautionary measures released by FSSAI on their official website:

1. Do not eat half-boiled eggs
2. Do not eat undercooked chicken
3. Avoid direct contact with birds in the infected areas
4. Avoid touching dead birds with bare hands
5. Do not keep raw meat in open
6. No direct contact with raw meat
7. Use a mask and gloves at the time of handling raw chicken
8. Wash hands frequently
9. Maintain the cleanliness of surroundings.
10. Eat chicken, eggs and their products after cooking.

The virus is destroyed at 70°C if held for about 3 seconds, the document by FSSAI noted.  Properly cooking meat or eggs to achieve a temperature of 74°C in eggs or all parts of meat will most likely inactivate the virus. So temperature is key. The FSSAI also discouraged people from panicking and causing further confusion.

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