8 winter fruits you must eat to boost your immunity

With the winter season round the corner the occurrence of virals and infections are bound to increase. This year has already been tough for us as people tried every possible method to shield themselves from the COVID-19 infection. With the change of season, you need to ensure that your immunity is on an all time high and what’s better than boosting your immunity with fruits. Here are some winter fruits which you must stock up now.


With the winter season comes this super tasty fruit which is very well known for its benefits. Rich in calcium and vitamin C, consumption of orange on a regular basis can help your immune system get better. It also prevents skin damage, lowers cholesterol levels and aids weight loss.


Who doesn’t like these blood red crystal shaped beads which are not only colourful but also flavourful. This fruit is an excellent blood thinner which makes it a must have fruit for patients of blood pressure. Pomegranate also frees the body from free radicals and is said to fight heart troubles and prostate cancer.


Also known as ‘sharifa’ and ‘custard apple’, sitaphal is a fruit which you’ll only find in winter months. Super sweet in taste, this fruit is an amazing immunity boosting fruit and also reduces risk of heart diseases, manages blood sugar and even treats acne.


Sweet and yummy guavas are everyone’s favourite during winters. Their aroma and distinct flavour makes them all the more delicious. This fruit is loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants which fights off dangerous free radical activity in the body. The presence of fibre in guava makes it excellent for digestion and blood sugar level.


This soft and tangy fruit not only carries a rare taste but also a beautiful green colour. Kiwis are loaded with vitamin C which is all that you need to amp up your immune system. This fruit also regulates blood pressure, prevents blood clotting and even helps in improving vision.


From treating urinary tract infections to protecting your liver, cranberries are small in size but big on benefits. These blood-red berries offer a sweet and tangy flavour along with lowering your blood pressure and even improving eyesight.


Another member of the citrus family, mosambi too is a vitamin C rich fruit. Also known as sweet lime, this fruit is best consumed in the form of juice during winters. You can mix mosambi, carrot and beetroot juice to gain a rich dose of health. Avoid straining fruit juices as it might eliminate the essential fibres from them.


Also known as aloo bukhara, plum is another winter special fruit which is a bonus for your immune system. It is said that you must eat fruits of all colours and especially seasonal fruits to reap tons of health benefits. So, stock up on these fruits for sure this winter season.

Courtesy: Times of India


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